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“I’m a big Orny Adams fan.”

— Jerry Seinfeld

“I thought this CD was hilarious.  Then Orny told me it was a DVD.  Well, to see his facial expressions made it even funnier.  Either way, he kicks ass.”

— Garry Shandling

“You judge a comedian by the laughs he gets and the laughs on this CD are huge…shattering. Orny reminds me of Joe Frazier working the ribcage.”

— Dennis Miller

“There’s a growing group of people who have known that Orny is a great comic thinker and performer.  We search out his stuff on the internet, we go to his shows, we send emails around with things he’s said.  It’s like we discovered Bob Dylan early and everyone else is just about to.”

— Bestselling author Gavin de Becker