Youtube. Added 2 new vids.

Just threw up a few new stand up clips. Here’s one from a TV taping I did a few weeks ago in Halifax Canada. This moment happened after a jib camera got about 6 inches away from my face while taping a stand up show for the Halifax Comedy Festival. The camera actually scared me– creeping up like that. PHOTOBOMBING A SELFIE vid 

And here’s my heated opening at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen after a near death experience attempting to land three times at Aspen’s crappy airport. And judging from the response… this doesn’t seem that abnormal. Warning: The word SHIT appears three times. Only saying this because corporate buyers and my nieces get upset when they hear me say that word… so I know not to say it around them. Show February 21, 2014. ORNY ADAMS HEATED OPENING AT WHEELER OPERA HOUSE ASPEN CO vid