I’m on Vine now

For those of you with the Vine app you can watch my nifty 6 second videos… and hopefully make it through the whole thing. If you ADD out in under 6 seconds… I give up.

Back to Nyack NY and then Minneapolis MN

Looking forward to returning to Levity Live in Nyack, NY. Remember last time some old guy passed out in the middle of the Sunday show? And when he came to I said, “At what point did you pass out so I can catch you up…” And then onto Minneapolis MN. First time in that city.

Teen Wolf season 3 spoiler

For your eyes only. Teen Wolf season 3 spoiler… http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/880960/coach-on-a-truck.jhtml


Teen Wolf and Stand Up

Coach season 3 in the dessert 2

Working on Teen Wolf all week. Having fun hanging with my Teen Wolf family. Posting pics on facebook and twitter. For fans of the show– this season is going to blow you away.

My first love– stand up! The “GET IN THE HOLE!” tour continues. Upcoming cities: ATASCADERO, CA. NYACK, NY. MINNEAPOLIS, MN. ARLINGTON, VA. ADDISON, TX. Tickets available on TOUR page.

Hope to see ya soon!


What happened to January?!

January went by too quick. Maybe I was too busy. Started the New Year off better than could imagine at The Stress Factory in New Brunswick NJ. Then broke two mic stands at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia in ONE SHOW! Philly is a great city for me. Then had the best working vacation in Bermuda with some crazy fun comics– Alonzo Bodden, Danny Bhoy, and Mark Forward. Thanks Just For Laughs for continuing to put me on these tours. Came back to LA and worked on Teen Wolf. And now I am off to Orlando. Then back for more Teen Wolf. If the rest of my life could run this smooth– I’d be very happy until something else pissed me off.

Happy New Year!

Look forward to a great year! Hoping the best for all of you.

New PROMO and INTRO video added

Just added my new PROMO video to the site at ornyadams.com/demo. Also added an video I put together as an INTRO to my stand up shows. It never really worked showing it before I got up on stage. But I thought it was still worth sharing with you all.

Tonight and next Thursday December 27th at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA. Tickets on TOUR SCHEDULE page for the 27th.

Teen Wolf season 3

Started filming season 3 this past week. Reprising my role as the ever energetic,crazy and unpredictable Coach Bobby Finstock. Proud to be a regular on a show now in it’s third season. This season we are filming in the greater Los Angeles area, rather than in Atlanta like the previous two. It’s great to wake up in my own bed, make my own coffee, and drive my own self to the set.


Next stop Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ December 30th and New Year’s Eve. I haven’t worked this club in over 10 years. I used to work the club regularly– taking the train from Manhattan when I lived there. It’s one of those things I can’t explain. Why it’s been so long since I’ve returned?

Then onto Philadelphia to play Helium the first week of 2013. It’s been a while since I’ve been back at this club– but I remember enjoying it the first time I was there.

Rounding out January will be a return to the Orlando Improv. I was there last March and look forward to returning.

All the info is on my tour page where you can easily link up for tickets.

Excited to be back in Schaumburg Mall!

This is one of my favorite weeks all year! The Chicago Improv located 35 miles outside of Chicago in the basement of a mall that is designed like a casino to never let you out! Just broke a mic stand at the sound check showing sound guy the logistics to GET IN THE HOLE! bit. Looking forward to breaking 6 more mic stands this weekend. Text ORNY to 90210 for a special offer for tonight’s show (Thursday).