Youtube. Added 2 new vids.

Just threw up a few new stand up clips. Here’s one from a TV taping I did a few weeks ago in Halifax Canada. This moment happened after a jib camera got about 6 inches away from my face while taping a stand up show for the Halifax Comedy Festival. The camera actually scared me– creeping up like that. PHOTOBOMBING A SELFIE vid 

And here’s my heated opening at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen after a near death experience attempting to land three times at Aspen’s crappy airport. And judging from the response… this doesn’t seem that abnormal. Warning: The word SHIT appears three times. Only saying this because corporate buyers and my nieces get upset when they hear me say that word… so I know not to say it around them. Show February 21, 2014. ORNY ADAMS HEATED OPENING AT WHEELER OPERA HOUSE ASPEN CO vid 

Tour dates in January and February 2014

Hope you can make it to one of these shows if you live in the area!

All links and info at

Jan 15 & 16 in Hermosa Beach, CA @  The Comedy and Magic Club

Jan 30-Feb 1 Tempe, AZ @  Tempe Improv

Feb 6-9 Sacramento, CA @  Punch Line Sacramento

Feb 13-16 Irvine CA The Irvine Improv

Buffalo… and then Cleveland for New Years!

First time in Buffalo! Excited. First show is tonight. Last show is Sat night. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. And if you’re in Cleveland for New Years… come spend it with me at Hilarities. All the info for all my shows on the TOUR tab of this page.

Just For Laughs National Canadian tour OVER!

Thanks Canada! Really enjoyed spending a month in your country. Traveled all the way from the Maritimes to Vancouver. I hope you all keep in touch and hopefully I’ll be back soon. And by soon I mean my own tour in 2015. And hopefully by then data roaming won’t cost so much.

Back on the set of Teen Wolf

And it feels good to be back.

Montreal Just For Laughs

Had a great time up there. Really enjoyed meeting a lot of you!

I like Arizona in June! Raleigh NC too!

There’s no better time to visit Arizona than in the summer months when you can get dehydrated walking from the hotel to the car. So I told my agent… make sure I am there during this time. June 6-8th I’ll be at Stand up Scottsdale. Then I am returning to Goodnights in Raleigh, NC. Can’t wait to return. See you at the show.

Calgary check, Dallas next

Really enjoyed some time off. Then Calgary. Snow in April. What? I didn’t bring a winter jacket… because it’s APRIL! Off to Dallas tomorrow. Well kind of. Playing the Addison Improv. Exciting to return to this club. And how are you?

Enjoying some time off…

It’s been a fun week of nothing work related. But next week the GET IN THE HOLE! Tour continues with my first trip to Calgary Canada, and then onto Addison Texas (Just outside Dallas), and then doing a corporate show in Colorado Springs Colorado. Hope to see you out and about.

GET IN THE HOLE! tour continues…

Minneapolis. Had fun! I will be back. And we will do it all over again.

Heading to Arlington VA to the Draft House for my fourth time I think. I really enjoy this old movie theater turned comedy club.

So many dates added: Calgary, Addison TX, Raleigh NC, Scottsdale AZ, Indianapolis, Pleasanton, CA, Hermosa Beach CA.. and more. Check my tour dates page on this site.